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May 5,2008:

Internship@ Saama Technolgies,Pune

Succesfully Completed          Today !

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Feb. 17,2008:


Got 2nd Position in India at International Online Programing Contest :-)

Team [Topcoder]

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Feb. 16,2008:

Techkriti'08 IOPC

Got 10th Position in World at International Online Programing Contest :-)

Team [Topcoder]

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Oct. 05,2007:

Al-Khwazim'07 OPC

Got 3rd Position in World at International Online Programing Contest :-)

Team [Top.Coder]

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Sept. 30,2007:

Shaastra'07 IOPC

Got 2nd Position in World at International Online Programing Contest :-)

Team [Top.Coder]

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September 2,2007:


Got 3rd Position in World at International Online Programing Contest :-)

Team [Top.Coder]

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August 1,2007:

Job Offers

Placed Again Today !  Got 2nd Job Offer

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July 27,2007:

Job Offer

I am Placed Today !    Got my 1st Job

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July 4,2007:

Internship@Pinstorm Technolgies,Mumbai

Succesfully Completed          Today !

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April 15, 2007:

[Top.Coder] Become Yellow Coder in Arena

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cLiCk hErE

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Version: 3.0
(May 2008)

Projects Done :

1.Elphas - A Data Migration Tool.

Mentor : Prof U.S.Tiwary & Enrico Miam

Completed 4 Month Industy Internship in Research & Development Department of Saama Technologies,Pune.Here I worked on web based application presenting administrative data with filters, links to detail pages and to documents.It was an application that displays top 10 results which are queried and fetched through webservice based on the source supplied. This source may be Oracle Database, SQL database, Excel Sheet.Also expand and collapse features for the results displayed removes redundant data from being displayed.

Status : Completed Successfully

2.Khoj - A Feedback based Search Engine.

Mentor : Prof U.S.Tiwary

“Khoj-A User Feedback based search engine” is an approach for increasing the relevancy of search results using user feedback. Khoj is a prototype implemented based on the User Feedback Relevancy approach. Khoj is pseudo-search engine powered by Google Search Results API which maintains a partial index in the background and allows users to give feedback of the search results and thus come up with more relevant search results the next time.

Status : Completed Successfully

3. Summer Internship at Pinstorm Technologies,Mumbai,India

Mentor : Mr. Harish T

Summer Internship in Dept of Science in Pinstorm Technologies,Mumbai,India (May-July 2007) Worked in a team involved in the Research and Development. Worked on the module which gives more relevant and cheaper Key-Words which are going to bid in Google-Adwords campaign after detecting the sense of the Description which was given by the clients.All process are automated in this systems.( i.e From Login to Start a New Campaign for the Clients ).

Status : Completed Successfully

4. Code-Craft - An Encryption Decryption Utility

Mentor : Dr. Anupam Agarawal

The goal of the project was to develop a software with the help of Various Cryptographic and Steganographic technique, so that user can hide their important data in text, image and in audio files.

Status : Completed Successfully

5. “Abhiwakti” A Smart System based on “Hand Gesture Recognition”

Mentor : Dr.Anupam Agarwal

The goal of the Project was to develope a system, which will take the input to the system with various gestures of the Human hand, (Typically fingers and part above elbow). A web- camera will read the gestures of the hand and communicates the data in image form to a computer that will use the gestures as input to control devices or applications using “MATLAB 7.0” as a course requirement in 5th semester.

Status : Completed Successfully

6. Vocational Training at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited,Patna

Mentor : Mr. Bharat Agarwal

Completed Vocational Training For 4 weeks in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, explore all networking Knowledges in a EWSD Telephone Exchanges.EWSD Switching System represents the latest in telecommunication technology, providing a fast and cost efficient response to all the challenges facing the telecommunications sectors.

Status : Completed Successfully

7. "INDIAPASSION" Online Education System (OES)

Mentor : Mr.Vijay Chaurasiya

The goal of the Project was to develope an Online Education System (OES) that is of importance to either an organization. Online Education System is an Internet/Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the Organization in Local Intranet /Internet. This system can be used to conduct Education on various Topics/Subjects Using “ASP” and MS-Access as a course requirement in 4th semester.

Status : Completed Successfully

8. "VOLER"Flight Simulation (using OPEN-GL & 3D-Max )

Mentor : Dr. Anupam Agarwal

A Flight Simulator Game using (OPEN-GL & 3-D Max Platform) Named As VOLER as a course requirement in 3rd Semester.

Status : Completed Successfully